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Strange round



Can any of you experts please ID this for me , ive had it for years its a Brass bullet diamentions are
Length overall 71M/M
Case Length 51.5 M/M
base Diameter 11.8 M/M
Body diameter 10.8 M/M
the whole thing is made in one piece with the centre empty
Any Ideas please, it not a toy item came through a museum
It looks very like a standard NATO 7.62x51. I just tried one with a ruler in the same 'pose' :)

The 'bullet' calibre and neck diameter would help here.

dimensions from Barnes:
bullet dia. .308
neck dia. .338
shoulder dia. .447
base dia. .466
rim dia .470
case length 2.01
o/a length 2.75

I'll let you do all the timesing by 25.4 to get it into metric

Thanks chaps but my round is machined in one piece
But thanks for the comments
As per previous post, you round is an British Inspectors dummy for the 9 x 51mm Spotting rifle on the LAW.

These are machined as you say from brass, and there is another version that is made from chromed steel (which may be American) and is headstamped "LAW DUMMY".