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Switch no.3 release from Dug up


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Ordered a couple of recovered no.3 switches from Dug Up (thanks again guys!) Couldnt stop myself at having a go at fixing them up...
Here's a couple of before and after pics.
The one on the left was sandblasted before restoring, the other cleaned up by hand and wire rotary brush on a dremel. The steel casings were badly rusted but the springs are in amazingly good condition considering how long they were underground.
Now i need to go and order another one and keep it "as found" :tinysmile_fatgrin_t

All the best


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Hi T42,
They have come up really well, it amazing what i little time and effort can reward you with. An excellent job, thanks for showing us.
Best regards Weasel.

Cheers guys!
Yeah, i think 10 and two evenings work on each is well worth it!

All the best