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switch No10 delay


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What mines can use it ? I think Clam perharps, and what else ?

thank you


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@Pascal.. in my opinion (chemical delayed) WW2 time pencils were intended for subverse sabotage raids.
@Pascal.. in my opinion (chemical delayed) WW2 time pencils were intended for subverse sabotage raids.


Yes, I know it.
But I thought it can be user with clam ? (yes, for sabotage also) and perharps anoter mines ?
Hello pascal,as dillo said it was primarily used for sabotage
But it was one of two main types of delay initiator for the Clam the second type been the no9 "L" delay,
The no10 could be fitted to various explosive charges and grenades using an adapter,
They had several types of delay 30min,1.5hr,5hr,10hr and 20hr,
so unless a mine was been used as a sabotage or boobytrap device they would not have beeen any use as standard mine initiators
In addition picturesof box No. 10 time pencils. The delay time is indicated by the color of painton the safety strip and the color ribbon on the box. There is also a waterproofprotector support .; the model shown in the photo is US.Maybe someone can we present a waterproof protector made in England ???

Crayon color.jpg
10 SOE.jpg SOE para.jpg Cap Protector.jpg
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