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T.I 250 Lbs


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Hi Found this one a few years ago.


Cheers Mad B)

Item is handed over to EOD.
This TI bomb is in the collection of the Dutch Army EOD.


  • Britse 250 lb TI Bomb No  25.jpg
    Britse 250 lb TI Bomb No 25.jpg
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Hello to all. Also we found with us 2006 to 250 lb! ( Christbaum) Here times a few pictures of the salvage. Greeting Harry


  • Bild 258.jpg
    Bild 258.jpg
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    Bild 259.jpg
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US Shinning bomb?

Do you mean the US 250 lb. T.I. Bomb M89, M90 or M98?


  • Amerikaanse 250 lb TI Bomb M89 M90 M98.jpg
    Amerikaanse 250 lb TI Bomb M89 M90 M98.jpg
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Here is one found compleet at a airfield in the Netherlands,The tail whas removed and you can see the candels in it the colour is red.

Whats the chances of having these items made safe and donated to museums? There seems to be alot of rare ordnance being destroyed.