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Tail pistol No. 37


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Photo taken at Royal Dutch Airforce-EOD collection.
Millhouse, thanks to Lexpev's pic and Spotter's diagram, you can see what a sectioned No.37 looks like :)
Great stuff, cheers guys. Don't think my one has any of the bits inside. Would it all come apart after being buried for 60 years or is it best left as it is?
Hi millhouse if you are sure that it is "Empty" with no "ooh nasties" left inside, chuck it into a pot of Diesel fuel for a week or two and you may well find it will come apart !
Small addition might be that oil needs access to the threads before anything comes loose.
Maybe best to first clean the outside by letting it soak in "coffee-machine cleaner", the stuff solves the brass oxidation.
First try a mixture with water, or full strength when oxidation is much.
Brush every hour with smooth metal sponge. Wear gloves, the fluid takes your nails too.
Then the diesel trick does the rest like Chris 42 RQ says.

As you found the pistol outside a bomb, stay aware that the ampulla can be ok.
PHOTOGRAPH THAT! and wear goggles...

Cheers, Lex (member of the " save the 37-pistol-foundation ")
verwijderen pistoolstaartbuis 500lb

beste lex, ik wilde jou vragen of jij weet waarom de eod bij het uitdraaien vd pistoolstaartbuis gebruik word gemaakt van bv zo,n raket systeem op afstand en draaien ze hem er niet met de hand uit? dat lijkt mij gezien de buis geen probleem? of vergis ik mij nu heel erg? weet jij hier antwoord op? mvg bommetje