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Tank Museum tour of support collections etc


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very limited places available, date of tour 22nd October 2009, at the Tank Museum Bovington, Dorset, starts 10.00am sharp and ends at 1pm. Refreshments provided. Cost - 45 and for that you get a conducted tour of the museum, tour of the workshops to see vehicles in the process of restoration etc and a tour of the Supporting Collections not normally available to the public - this includes the 'ammunition archive'!!! (there are several hundred rounds not on public display although it should be said that many small items ie projectiles are in boxes and I doubt that they will be taken out for you to see but nevertheless, you will get a chance to see what is held including shells, mines and anti tank missiles). After the conducted tours, you are free to spend the rest of the day in the public areas of the museum. For further information or to book a place phone 01929 462359. But be quick, there aren't too many places available. Dave