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Tapster 1st Bn coldstream Guards BOX


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Thought i had already posted this on here but cant find it
This is a work in progress,which i decided to carry on with today.
Its a soldiers wooden chest that came from my dads shed a couple of years ago,A while ago i decided to strip the years of paint and grime that covered my dads old tool box,i was busy stripping it with paint stripper when i noticed in the sunlight some writing on the front,so i quickly took a couple of pictures before the stripper ate through it completely.
It read Sergt A Tapster 1st Bn Coldstream Guards
Unfortunately it was too late to save the original writing ,but i took note of what colour it had been originally and what colour it was painted on top of ,White writing ,Black painted Box
I did some research into Sgt Tapster and found the following info
Sgt Archibald Tapster was a pre WW1 regular army soldier
as a Sgt he embarked to France on 13th August 1914 finishing WW1 as a 2nd lt in the 1st Battalion Lincolnshire regt
3rd November 1917 2nd Lt Tapster was promoted to acting captain whilst commanding a company
Again another mention from the London gazette states on 11 mar 1918 2nd Lt (actg Capt) A.Tapster to be temporary Captain
1st December 1918 he was promoted from 2nd Lt to Lt
18th June 1921 Lt A Tapster M.C retires on retirement pay and is granted the rank of captain
finaly having attained the age limit of liability to recall to the reserve of officers Captain A Tapster M.C finally retires on 2nd of june 1934

whilst serving as 2nd Lt (A/Capt) in the licolnshire regt he was awarded the Military Cross "for conspicious gallentry and devotion to duty.For 26 hours he beat off a rapid succession of enemy attacks,personally placing a lewis gun and a party of rifles to protect his exposed flank,he set a fine example throughout"

I also have a copy of his medal index card which i will scan and post at a later date

anyway having found out all this history ,i decided to save the box and put it back to its original condition as best as i can,,
heres the pics as i found the writing and the start of refinishing ,,I cant signwrite so i had to make a stencil to use as a ROUGH guide for the final letter repainting,this i will paint over white which will neaten the writing This is not the finished result..more to follow as i progress


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