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Tea time

Please don't tell me you drink your Timmies from that?
...you should be drinking from a Mills No.5 at the very least!

Great thread lads!:xd:
My butty box for work is an MG42 ammo tin. I suppose i got to come up with an idea to make a drinking vessel out of one of my german items then? ;)

Waff, sounds like a hell of a lunch box

Brad, I drink Timmies only from my "I Am Canadian" coffee mug that I bought at the duty free shop leaving Canada a few years back. In fact Timmies or not my wife knows that is my coffee mug and the only one that i'll drink my morning coffee from.

Everybody else, I drink my beer from my 1917 dated German military porcelain coated cup (well sometimes)

And I do enjoy drinking beer with my model of 1956 beautiful wife (all the time) Cheers....Dano

I would be remiss if I didn't mention, nice sugar dish FOO31, smashing
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