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The last German "Stabbrandbombe" Model

Should be 525mm long and 80mm diameter ( the body ). Weight 4...4,5 kilos.
In that case i should be a BC4 CH with Aufschlagznder (23)A.
In German 'Brandbombe mit Chemischer Brandsatz"
Whereas the filling is Thermite and Naphtaline in celluloid casing.

However, measurement on the body should be 375 mm excluding the tail section.
Several variants know to be used during ww2
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It's not the 4 kg Ammodillo see photo.

I think it's some thing from Rechlin the tail is from a not from the 10 kg bomb thats longer see photo.


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    10 kg Brand.jpg
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Erprobungsstelle Rechling would be nice... however it looks like a regular B4 CH series (see attached picture)
Once more, measurements please


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There are several types of B1 submuntions.. give us the measurements please
Or do you mean the B2?