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the law


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i was told by some off the german collectours that all cases and heads have to be drilled with a hole know? what are the u k laws on ordnance collecting .can any one point me in the right direction ,can you have a/p rounds under 5 inch ? thanks

i panicked as well when i first heardthe news about inert ammo etc.
im going to hang on to see what happens before the drill comes out mate!


i think that is the best plan ,wait and see but its going to be hard to drill holes in my king tigger round ,i have a u boat 88 short case with a hole drilled it and it just ant the same dont know why but a case with a small hole in it just puts me off , thanks russell
I didnt know about this but coincidently spent yesterday cutting and drilling my stuff anyway so i can proove items are safe and empty.I know this is not for the purist collector and is just my choice
well done you .if i have to i will drill them over a bottle of whiskey ! most off mine have small washers in side ,
I know what you mean Russell a hole drilled in them just does not seem like something i want to do. I will wait and see what happens with the legislation.
Lead shot or something similar.
Place inside your case and replace proj.

Shake up and down in front of Mr Policeman/armyman etc to prove it's empty!

Good idea,but ive been thinking of this problem for a while now.
Are these idiots in charge think perhaps that an old piece of ordnance could be converted into an IED??

not all ieds are sandwich boxes,,,they cant be too carefull these days ,sadly its the legitimate collector who suffers
I fielded the question to my mate Mick,and he says that explosives and dets in this country are strictly controlled.
So an IED out of old ordnance is very unlikely then??

still what will be will ,just up sets me to think we may have to part with some off are collection ,as it may be deamed illegal ,the only damage a big shell can cause is a broken toe if droped on it ( i know i has done it )may be its the goverment getting worried about all the tanks and pices of artillery we have on are drive ways ,we might try and shot some one
:laugh: ,dont get me wrong here chaps,ive nothing bad to hide but i dont see why i should give it up to these idiots when ive spent a lot of time,money and effort sourcing my collection.


If they are going to do anything,why don't they do what they do in Holland?

Which is issue you with a collectors permit authorised by the police?

I read on lex's website that this is what happens over there,why not bring it in here and we can put the drills away?:laugh:

AndyD wrote:
See....I'm not just a pretty face!:p

Hmmmm...:dry: :laugh:

It seems we have opened a can of worms with the topic(again!)
really,i think its best to just `baton the hatches` and wait.

thanks all for the inputs on the topic.

cheers and best

At the moment,I'm looking into getting some kind of official form produced that can be put on the front of parcels containing inert ordnance,so it doesn't lead to the package being destroyed.

Obviously,this would have to be done in conjunction with the police and Royal Mail.

Having some sort of official collectors permit introduced would possibly make the introduction of an official form easier.

It would probably mean having the ordnance examined before it can be sent out,but once examined and found to be inert an official stamp would be placed on the form showing Royal Mail that it was completely safe.

Just my two pence worth!