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Tin of detonators

paul the grenade

Well-Known Member
Hi All.
Can anyone positively identify this tin of empty dets?
The label says "100 TUBES FUSE SEALING MK 2"
It originally contained 100 copper det tubes which are 26mm long by 6 mm diameter. The tin is 60mm by 70mm by 30 deep.
cheers, paul.


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    dets in tin.jpg
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They are basically what it says in the tin. Tubes for 'sealing safety fuze' and det cords with the same diameter. Particularly useful when making up stores for operations (det cord) or for keeping moisture out of safety fuze when issuing in fractions (shortish lengths). Used in WW2 but your box probably dates from the fifties (since a lot of these came on the market several years ago). The modern equivalent is made of neoprene or similar.
Hi Norman.
Many thanks for the ID. Ive been using them as inert dets. Ah well, they looked ok, just a bit too short.
Cheers, Paul