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Tin seal on S-Mines


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While researching the S-Mine and information regarding photo's pictures and drawings i noticed that the tops of these mine were sealed with a tin seal that was, so i believe soldered on. The tin seal folded about an inch up from the outside pot over the top plate either up to the det pugs or to the centre hole for the flash tube, holes in the seal locating the filler and det plugs. Not sure if this was an early or mid production method of sealing or later. The other method was a sealing compound or wax (not sure what it was) maybe used on later war time models, Most S-Mines i have seen in the flesh and on forums show minus the tin seal and the ones i have examined have no evidence of any soldering taking place, what i have seen is where the sealing compound once was as this was painted over and leaves a ring around the top plate edge minus paint. Any one know or seen these seals or could enlighten us about them.