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to clean or not to clean


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Thought some of you might be intrested in this project,this Canadian .303" was part of a buried pile of 303 case's from WW2 training in this country,several were lodged in chargers as was this one,very mixed bag,all the WW2 Canadian headstamp variants,south African,Australian(1 only MW),Indian(39 dated Kirkee) and of course British,including 1942 dated RG,first year this stamp was used I think,well here are the before and after photos( I think the charger may have protected this case over the years) a bit bright & shiney at the moment but after a wipe over with oil, should dull nicely when the oil oxidises,the bullets came from recovered rotten WW1 rounds from Belgium. One down several more to go!
Cheers Tony


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cracking job

Nice work Tony my Friend, things cleaned up nicely. Another rescue from the wreck pile. I love it. Your package is in the post...Best to you and yours...Dano
Thanks Dano,
One thing I really like about doing this is that each round has a story and I know were it was used & what for,you don't get this from bought items! Hope you get your package very soon,gonna try & get that transit plug+ suprise off to you next weekend
All the best my friend