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To cut, or not to cut, That is the question.

paul the grenade

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Hi Guys.
Im torn between sectioning this relic No1 Mk2 gren or Restoring it. The cap is damaged and the frag ring is pitted and there are numerous dents in the body.
I would appreciate some feedback from you guys to help me decided.
Cheers, Paul.


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Its not a minter but I like the wear and tear on this paul it gives it character and i wouldnt restore it
also unless these are really hard to get hold of in any condition as i like cutaways i would also cut it.

my own personel opinion
Hi Paul,
you know your grens better than me but your gren is as rare as hens teeth, well, almost, and i would preserve it yes, not restore it nor cut it.
Were there many if any sectioned No 1s. If not they you would be making something that didnt exist and i think you would be devalueing a piece of British History.
If its a repro then do anything you like to it but if original then in my book it would be criminal to cut or damage it in any way. Financially it would be better as is wouldnt it?
Had my pennorth.

Although a cutaway would look good, this item is worth more complete (not price) than sliced. There are not many of these around and I would hold off because you could always do that later, but once done, it would be very difficult to undo...
I think you have made the right decision too Paul, you know how scarce these are now and besides there's not much to see inside anyway. Sympathetic restoration would be ok though, if you feel like it. Tony.