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to not restore

Here is an early WWI French F1 that came today. This is one when I look at it I really like what I see and will attempt no restoration on it. It has FA deeply incussed on both sides of the body..Dano


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mo pics

Here's a couple extra snaps..Dano


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Hi Dano,
Nice one.
perhaps just a few coats of beeswax polish to keep the rust at bay?


Nice looking piece! And hey, your photography is very excellent these days!
equipment gets 2nd chance

Thankyou kindly John and Rick. With you 2 guys instructing me i've decided to hang onto the old Olympus and take back every foul word I had to say about the camera in the past. It was operator error rather than equipment problems. You guys got me guided to getting the details to show much better. Of course this grenade is what I would call photogenic and that helps also...Dano
French connection

Pictured next to a French m1915 infantry Adrian helmet (unrestored also) to make the "French connection"


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Hi dan.
heres the fuze showing its component parts as promised.
Should be a doddle to replicate!!!:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
cheers, Paul.


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