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To restore or not restore

Here is a picture of I think a #20 MK1 bBritish grenade I just got in finishing a trade deal with SMLE2009 (thanks Tony). I look at it and I am leaning toward not restoring it as I really like it as is (field relic). On the other hand it would restore pretty good? So i'm asking you. Restore or not? I'm looking for any ideas, comments and the like. the threads in bottom look good and should clean up? Dano


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my opinion

dear my friend my opinion are i would only fitt the missing parts back more i would not do !!!
i gues it would be looking great than !!

Regards David
I don't restore anything. Clean it, oil it and keep it as is. Many times I've seen where someone has "restored" something, painting over remnants of original markings that had a unique significance not understood at the time. The same for " fixing" things. If its junk I don't need it, and won't waste the time to fix it. But if its a sound piece it has history. A piece of ordnance doesnt need to be mint to be historically valuable and an important part of your collection. - Just one guy's opinion.
dilema city

I was kind of thinking along the lines of what Dave said. Leave body as is, but try to find part that screws in bottom and making a rod for display. 1) don't know where to get part 2) guess I could make one but just a thought, to me looks so freakin' cool as is I may not even mess with it? Need to think on it
Hi Dano.
I may have all the brass bits you require.
I'll have a look when i get back from work tonight and let you know.
FOUND IT DANO !:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
The set back collar moves but the rest of it is siezed up.
The rod has rusted away and left the threaded part in base so you will have to drill it out or something. All the main threads are fine.
PM me your details and i'll get it in the post for you.
No Charge mate.
Cheers, Paul.


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parts is parts

Thanks to all for the suggestions, and especially Paul the grenade for the part I need. I think it'll make a damn fine display piece...Dano