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To restore or not to restore #2


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Same situation but the rust is a little more evident.The rust hasnt distorted the metal of the body except on the bottom of the shell.If I were to clean it,you would still be able to see all the fine machining lines and ORD stamps but the bottom would show pitting over 50%.The driving band is fine,with only a little greening in a spot or two.The threads are perfect,no rust inside.

U.S.1945 dated 105mm H.E.

Repaint to restore or not??????


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again i personaly would leave it as it is for the same reasons as your bazooka rocket, i like to see original age and wear on items
Item in this condition would be ideal to clean smoothly with Oxalic Acid ( see another thread on forum about this ). I would imagine oxalic acid would brbing back near 100% original paint on this item below rust.

Possibly a rust removal soaking oil and soft nylon brush would do the same.
just a clean up mate
I only restore real relics,and even then I paint them to look aged.
If you painted this it would destroy the whole character of the thing.