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Today something


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Thats realy fantastic device. INERT absolutely. Tommorow make detail foto.


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Hi B,

Is it some sort of RPG or shoulder-launched AA Missile??:afraid:


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Stinger MANPAD

The Stinger MANPADS team carries a manportable, shoulder-fired, infrared guided missile that requires no control from the gunner after firing. It has an identification, friend or foe (IFF) interrogator that aids the gunner and team chief in identifying unknown and friendly aerial platforms.

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Its an inert training Soviet shoulder fired surface to air missle launcher 9K310-1 with a 9P519 trainer grip stock. A very nice find, would love to see more pictures when you get the chance. Thanks for sharing.

Oh my God! An Igla cutaway. Very good item!
Everyone know what is the black button above the safety arm in the grippstock?
I hear that this is the "re-fire" button. Used when fired the rocket and dont find the target, when push the button the rocket search a new line. This is correct?