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Tool WW2


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Hi everyone,

got this thing here for 3 years and still have no idea.
Must have belonged to a gun but which?
Found 20 of these together with 40mmbofors rounds, 2"mortars, no77's and piats.
Other calibers on the terrain: 6pr, 75mm, 3,7", 90mm, 95mm.
Does that help for the proper identification?
See size compared to supertool.

It would be my guess that it's a combined primer remover/inserter and fuze remover/inserter.

Although,what other functions it had/has are beyond me!

I've looked through my British ordnance handbooks and I can't see anything similar.

I'd guess its American?, but I can't help any more than that i'm afraid.

I agree with Lex that this is a `multi-tool` for a Field Gun.Are there any date markings stamped anywhere?

Hi you all,
thanks very much, especially MissingSomething.
Glad I finally know what it is.

To answer waf's questions:
unfortunately the other side is very pitted so if there were any markings, they're gone now.

Thanks , Lex