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Training comlect Mosin's ammo


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in box. All devices are original (box - to):bigsmile:


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I dont suppose you have a spare one of these as I would love to buy one I have a mosin nagant I shoot so I have a bit of a passion for collecting the ammo

It's no training cartridges!
It's a dummy models for recruits (for demonstration of cartridges and their colour marking).

Best regards!
Notice: You must know it
1. 7,62x25 (TT) with colours marking is very rare.
2. All training aids of cartridges - cartridges colour marking is draw again (just recovered)!
In Russia we have much cartridges and other rare thing's for sale and change, but have troubles with customs official on the border. :(
My diagrams about marking of cartridges for Tokarev Tulsky "TT".
Note: Language is russian but it's simple for translate.







Last page is a legend of foreign cartridges "TT":


Jhonni, those Tokarev pages are fantastic!!! Did you make them? Would it be possible to get a clean set? I would like to send you my current listing of all known Tokarev cartridge loadings and headstamps. If you PM or e-mail me an address I will mail it to you. That offer is good for anyone else also.

I have one of those "Commander's" boxes. I got mine with everything except the cut-away grenades. How much is that one selling for?
- Look at LOGO in corner of diagrams - it's my face (from 1997 year)
- About stamps "NOT FOR SALE"... Diagrams was made in Corel Draw, and that is not easy as need a much time for it. It's work is my hobby but it's and my bread too...
- Stamps is a transparent and diagrams is good for read and view. If i'll make without stamps my work will be steal at once.. Internet this is a good and bad too.
- I can make for you without stamps but i'll make water marks (under pic's)... but need time..
I understand completely, I would be happy to buy your work. I specialize in the Tokarev cartridge and I would like to put these prints on my office walls. I have cut-aways of most of those cartridges, and it is interesting to also see them in your work. There are other color tips, loadings, and headstamps you could add.
In addition, the "water mark" makes it impossible to copy/paste the text to put through a translation program. I could translate the text in French, German, Spanish, or Hebrew, but I need the computer to do it in Russian.
Money don't need now. Money is not a main thing in this world. I need complete my work.....
I can give you in full size pictures and text separately if you wish.
The pictures are fine as they are, but the text would be helpful. I am always very interested in Tokarev information, not to mention the cartridges!