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Trench art

Can anybody ID this shell case for me and tell me what what the numbers and letters stand for. As you can see its been cut down and made into an ashtray and lighter. I can not decide what the lighter has been made from it screws into the shell case and I can not get it out to look at the bottom I am sure it does screw out but I don't want to force it and risk damaging it.
I can do some of this one,yes your correct it is a cut down cartridge case,from a 25 lber dated 1942 , DB/C is the maker stamp ( i do not know who) the lighter has been made using the internal primer tube ,hope this helps as you will see some of our members collect cartridge cases and hopefully they will add more info

post edited by myself ,incorrect info given in original Sorry got it wrong
Wish I knew who DB/C was too.
I have it on a few cases in my collection,not been able to find out who it is yet.

The primer looks like a number 9 as used in the 17 pdr.

25 pounders used a No.I or No.II primer.

Does '/C' indicate a Canadian made case?