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Trench mortars


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Ordnance approved
3in Newton 01.jpg

4in Newton 03.jpg

Nav Photos0014.jpg


Here's some pic of ww1 trench mortars.

Pic 1 - 3" Trench mortar with fins missing

Pic 2 - 4" Trench mortars with fins

Pic 3 - 6" Trench mortar with fins

Pic 4 - Unusual one here - it's a 4.5" shell which has been converted to a 6" mortar, with the addition of 2 rings to increase the diameter to 6" and act as gas check rings and a tail welded to the base of the projectile. You can see the filling hole in the side of the projo.
Trench mortar rounds

Nice relic rounds Peteblight. I just love seeing freshly harvested iron, and i'm partial to the trench mortar rounds. Great pictures. Keep 'em coming...Dano
Stokes fuzing.jpg


Here's some pics of the different fuzing combinations for the 4" Stokes to keep you going.
Very, very interesting pictures .

Because these models are (for me) not known .

Do you have some informations please about the gun (3 or 4 inch)?
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There should be loads of info about the Stokes mortar online, 3 and 4".

In the meantime here's some pics of the toffee apple mortar.

Toffe apple.JPG


6456 spigotmortarX.jpg


Pic 1 - Side view of the item as recovered.

Pic 2 - Top view showing the plug, with some nice markings visible.

Pic 3 - X-ray we took, clearly showing the fill (inert) and the burster tube.

Pic 4 - Old pic of the mortar in action

its a shame you dont give more information regards to why,where you are digging...it would make a very interesting journal.
If its because of security reasons then you could add details after your work has been done maybe?:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
Here is a picture of a 6" trench mortar that was recovered from an VFW hall in NJ.


  • 6 in Trench Mortar.jpg
    6 in Trench Mortar.jpg
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  • 6 in Trench Mortar End.jpg
    6 in Trench Mortar End.jpg
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