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Trimite paint thinners for removing lacquer


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For removing lacquer that someone had painted on a brass case I had a while ago I used Trimite industrial paint thinners that I got from the workshop at school. I have since left school and don't know where I would get any more of this stuff as I think they only sell it to industrial users. I have never found anything better at removing lacquer, just soak the item in this stuff overnight and the lacquer can be wiped off. That No. 101 fuse in my other thread has been lacquered, which I would like to remove.
Hi mate , Cellulose thinners is all you need. Available at Halfords or try your local motorfactors.you might need to be 18 to buy it! Tony.
I did it in the end with Homebase household paint stripper. It is like a gel that you paint on with a paintbrush. You leave it on for a few minutes then wipe it off with a rag and the lacquer just wipes off with it.

It was polished before it was lacquered, so I might as well polish it gently again to remove the irregular speckled finish where the lacquer has worn away in places. I wouldnt usually polish anything, but the damage on this has already been done. It now just looks a mess with dark spots all over it.