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Trip Wire switch?


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Hope the experts out there can help.

The items in the photo were in a batch of Mills Bomb bits. I think the larger one is a trip wire/ booby trap switch. It is marked :


With it was the smaller item that is marked:


on the other side is a small 'bat' symbol with
RR 37 - The first R is reversed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - John


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Not an expert but I believe the RR marked piece is German from WWII. As to what type of firing device I'm not sure.
The bottom item is a Mk. III percussion igniter, designed to light safety fuze in demolitions. Not actually a boobytrap mechanism but it was definitely used as one in the absence of better devices.
Thanks guys. You are spot on with the German igniter. Mine matches the one on e website closely but just is without the cap on the bottom.

SgtLyn - Thanks for that. Could they have been used by SOE?

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I would expect SOE did use them, but they were not a specific SOE store. Anyone doing demolitions could have used them. Army, SOE, Engineers, etc etc.
One of those was found at the site of Camp X, I know because I found it.
Camp X was run by the SOE to teach those that were going to preform "Behind the lines" operations during the War.
I also found other types of devices as well as a llot of bloow raillway track and machinery.