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The photo shows left to right. A .50 MG tround ,a demo "rock breaker" triple tround, a triplex H&R tround and finally a standard .38 tround. The "rock breaker" has three ceramic pointed projectiles. The "gun" was lowered down an oil drill hole and fired to break up a hard layer of rock. The H&R triplex has three projectiles not the normal SPIW flechette tround. The gun was very heavy with its three barrels and failed the first safety check. The .38 tround was the only "standard" volume produced round. The low pressure allowed the open cylinder system to work.


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Very nice, thanks for showing them.
What sort of thickness of rock could it break up?

SG 500. According to Dardick himself (he sent me the round) it was only experimental and I could get no specifics. Three ceramic projectiles with plenty of propellant should have given a good impact.
Some more Trounds

Just a few photos of the Trounds I have.
The 20x170 is about the largest that is reasonably affordable.
Once you get to over 25mm they're big money for some reason.


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SG500 very nice collection. Probably the larger cartridges were only made in prototype quantities and most were fired.
Glevum nice to see a reference.
The question is whether the rock buster was ever more than a prototype. I suspect just a prototype.
On the subject of the weapons I have seen various prototype bits and have fired a pistol. Very nice the way the empty ejects. Dardick tried many different variations including a tape fed version. The problem is securing the two points where the 'V' meets the frame. Case failure in this area was the major problem. The faster the bits move and the higher the pressure the bigger the problem. A picture of the cylinder ejection side, load feed side and 3 more 38 rounds


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Thanks proditto, good to see some photos of the weapon. Have you got a picture of the complete gun that you can show please?
Tround Gun

SG500 here are two (poor) photos of the Dardick pistol in .38 calibre. This is with out doubt the ugliest weapon I have ever fired!!


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Thanks proditto, what a strange looking gun, it looks like something the baddies would use in a James Bond film........thanks for showing it. I'd imagine its quite rare? Do you have any photos of the larger tround weapons (20mm and upwards)?