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Tungsten carbide core


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Got this at Beltring. The seller told me what it came from but I have lost the bit of paper I wrote it on. Any help.

It's solid tungsten cabide (WC). Weight 1.7 Kg, diameter 37 mm, total length 125 mm, length of cylindrical part 90 mm. The point is very sharp.




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Any markings on it please?
I have a german one with the 3 letter code on.



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No markings. Also I do know it's modern. Here's a better picture of the front end.


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17 pr APDS core

Hi Tony, its a 17 pounder APDS core made out of tungsten carbide.
Unlike the more modern cores it is extremely hard and a hacksaw won't touch it.
Its from WW2.
The more modern cores made out of Tungsten alloy are softer but less liable to shattering when they hit something really hard.
Are you sure there's no marking on it, they often have a recessed part in the base with some marks on them - see attached.


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Hi Dave,

You are correct, mine does indeed have the same marking as yours, a sort of hand-written 735 R in the circular recess in the base. Thanks for your information.