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Type 17 ,Any ideas on restoration??


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Ive had a root through some old pics and this is the 17 i have got off my pal Mick.
its in a bit of a state,so i dont think i will swap the face on my one.
have a gander please chaps and tell me what you reckon.

Side shot of the top,its not bad and you can see plenty of details of the stampings up close when you have it in your mitts.
over to you boys,

anyone got any info on this or any tips on restoration??

ah,thank you very much...:)

(waff has now left the building....)
I'd be inclined to leave it 'honest', i'd rather see something left as it is then played about with.
But thats just my opinion (its the only one I'm qualified to give!:laugh: )


Just seen the other pictures, they do look a bit of a dog so I may withdraw my earlier comment. Fill away!
Thats a fair comment Q,
i bet it would look great though restored and painted up.Its not going anywhere so there is no danger of anyone being sharked with a restored item.
`bit of a dog`!!:laugh: cheers Q,I like that one!:p

Ok,ok,I get the drift!:p
Now howzabout some tips and hints to restore this beasty?
Do you use the `builders caulk` on this?.,ive had success before doing up a Panzershrek round using it.


I'd suggest car body filler (P-38), its easy to apply, cures quickly, easy to sand and can even be machined to a limited degree.

Why not send Andysarmoury a private message, he seems to be a master of the art and may be able to point you in the right direction.

Looking forward to seeing your 'dog' turned into a pedigree.

Andy,can you seriously help me or is this a job for the filler pictured in the Panzerschrek restoration pictured in this section?


Hi Waff it would have to be car body filla (p38) but once its done and painted it would look like a new one, Andy
It can be done but its tricky to do if you can get to it ok then use a file to re cut the threads i have done a 2pdrs top and it worked ok. Andy
Hi Waff
There is a filler called Devcon come in different types Steel, Brass, Bronze & Aluminium, when its hardens you can machine it cut threads, you may even get a way with covering one half of you fuse threads with the gel you get in the kit that stops it from bonding screw on the other half & fill the gaps with the filler
Hi guys, I've never used Devcon, sounds like it could be usefull.

The joy of P-38 is that if you get it wrong its not do difficult to remove and as Andysarmoury says you can carve it (I've even turned it in the past).

You may have trouble with the threaded section as the filler would be liable to crack off as theres not a lot to support it. A bit of trial and error should sort it.

Keep us informed on your progress.