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Type 17 top piece


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Hello all!.

as requested by our new friend Fuzeman,i will post a couple of pics of this fuze.
I assume that the hole that was drilled was by the BD man working on it at the time?
A pity he went through the bloody number though!
ok,here goes.
..sorry ive taken my time posting in BOCN for a while,but its the first chance ive had for daylight shots.
My mate Mick ammo-man has a similar fuze top with a better `face` which im trying to swap onto this one.

Have you boys any ideas how to clean up these fuzes as ive a few different types i got at Beltring that need some tlc?


Hi Waff
I can see no reason why this fuze has been drilled in the places that it has been!
I wonder if someone found it and tried to drill off the top ?
Any idea of its provenance , was it a dealer.
Steve (Fuzeman);)
Hi Steve,a shame that the twonk knackered the number!:angry:

I got this at Beltring from a stall that was selling allsorts rather than just munitions etc.
I also got a butchered `38 from the same guy(30 for both).
I put an advert in here to see if anyone has an old bottom section that i could restore the `38 with?
It does look ok with the top off to show the workings though.i will try and dig it out over the weekend.


Ref Cleaning of fuzes.
Hi Waff
I allways if i get very dirty fuzes , wash them with soap and water using a nail brush its amazing what Gunk comes off.
For Brass fuzes mix a solution of Table salt and Vinegar in Boiling water, leave for about twenty minutes stiring every few minutes , then remove and dry off with a cloth, polish using Brasso.
Steve (Fuzeman)
Hi waff
Will look out for a bottom half for you next time i go to anarms fair.
I have a feeling that that (17) of yours may have been pinned to a shield of some sort, they are the wrong size holes to have been made by an EOD man?
Hi Allan
If you could give me all the details on that (17) i will be able to tell you a lot about it.
Steve (Fuzeman)
Hi Steve,
here are the details on the `drilled` 17..
ELAZ (hole),then a star.,across from the hole there is the letter`h`.
a little further round are the 1,2 and then a small `b` followed by the waffenamt birdie..
Around the body of the top piece are the numbers and letters `gxy`and and then `2c 42`
The rough one i got last week has ELAZ 17b and across has the 1,2 `b`.
Around the body it has `b1*1a c`


waff(with very large hangover:S )
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Hi Fuzeman,

Re: Cleaning of brass fuzes

I would ilke to try this out :)

Although I've got an idea no one will be hanging out in my kitchen when I do :S

Would you know the approximate measurements you need for table salt and vinegar, and roughly what cooking pot size you would use.


I feel like I'm doing a cooking class :dry:
Hi Invest
Mix a level tablespoon of Salt and a Tablespoon of Vinegar in a pint of Boiling water, wait about 1/2 hour and remove then polish with Brasso , i have used this treatment for many years it came from an antique restorers handbook and have never encounntered any problems , the conainer i use is one of plastic ice cream boxs from Tescos called Tubs i think , these are fairly deep .
Any problems plese let me know but no angry wives please.
Hi Steve,
Im going to take your tip onboard regarding the aluminium fuzes.I usually dont clean any brass ones as i have a thing about patina on items.I must say its a very good tip though!