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U.S. Bomb fuzes M123 and M132


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Can anybody tell me the date when this long delay fuzes came into service.
As far as I no the M123 came into service early 1943 and the M132 a bit later.
It would be great if I have a good source.

Hi Chris,
in an original book I have , issued from the war department in Nov. 1942, the M123/124/M125 are mentioned and descriped, whereas the M 130 series of long delay tale fuzes have not been in it, so they must have been issued at a later date .
Mrfuze, USA
In the book "Sprengkommandos, Geschichte der Blindgängerbeseitigung" from Manfred Raushert is mentioned that the first US long delay fuzes M124 were found in Ploesti in Rumania in August 1943. So a good year after they started bombing operations in Europe.
The initial drawing for the Fuze Bomb Tail M123A1, M124A1 and M125A1 = June 7, 1943, so the models without the A1 modification must be earlier. The initial drawing for the Fuze BombTail M132, M133 and M134 = February 28, 1944.

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not sure when came in service, WW II for sure, but they were still used in VietNam. But were stopped right after a big explosion at Ben Hoi. That was related to them