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U.S M69 Practice Grenade


BOCN Supporter
Has anyone got information on the filler (type, weight) of the M228 Fuze use with the M69 Practice Grenade.

M228 Fuze

The manual I have states that the fuze contains a M42 primer containing approximately 0.31 grains of No. 793 primer mixture. The Delay Assembly consists of 25.5 grains of explosive powder (type not specified) and hte Igniter Assembly contains black powder (amount not specified). The total NEQ or NEW is 0.002kg.

The 25.81 grains in the delay and primer equals about 0.0016kg, so that would mean there would be about 0.0004kg (0.4 grams) of black powder in the igniter, if I have done my math correctly.