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Uknown item



Received Through the post this morning a box of other ordnance related bits and pieces was this strange object , the item came from a barn clearance in a box marked blitz shrapnel!
The object is conical shaped , wound with a very old cord , inside it looks as though a piece of Wood wrapped in sack cloth.
Judging from the smell the cord or string could be impregnated with something .
It may not be ordnance relatee but something old used on a farm .any ideas please


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Hello Steve,
The only thing I've ever seen like it was a 'Plug' of chewing tobacco. Yours looks like half of a 'Plug' which was tapered at each end and tied with hemp string which I believe was tarred. It was still available in the 60's from Findlays the tobacconist in Portsmouth. I tried it once, never again, I was very sick! I did meet an aged able seaman on a ship which I served on who still used it, I'm sure it was just because he knew no one would want to scrounge any from him.
I doubt that yours could be tobacco but at first glance it was the first thing to enter my mind. I'll be interested as to the outcome of your question?