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Unexploded bomb By Major A.B Hartley



Bill hartleys book was the very first book i read on Bomb disposal and still has pride of place on the bookcase. even though i have read this book about fifty times , over the past 20 years it still thrills me to read , especially about Major John Hudson defeating the Y fuze .
John is no longer with us i,m sorry to say he died on December 6 th last year, he will be sadly missed by all of us who knew him.
I have a spare copy at work its a bit musty but still fully readable
if interested please letme know cheers
re The lonely war by Eric Wakeling

Another book that can be reccomended is Eric wakelings book , that tells you about bomb disposal through the eyes of one who was their.
Eric started off in a gas warfare unit hastily converted to bomb disposal , he survived the war and later came to be in charge of beach mine clearance.
worth reading.
Bombs and Boobytraps by Captain H j Hunt

Although no longer in print this book gives a lot of the casulties of the London bomb disposal companies there is also a list of George medals won and the george cross too.
DangerUXB Melony Yappy

Melonys book is printed in conjunction with the channel 4 documentary aired on British television in 2001, im slightly biased as i too was part of te advisory team along with Arthur Hogben Eric Wakeling John Hudson to name but a few , i always iand still feel humbled meeting these great But ordinary guys thrown into the terror of war .
enjoy it
German Code book by Michael heidller

This is a new book just published containing 500 plus pages on all the german codes, it goes beyond the previous book on German codes published 20 years ago.
Michael has spent a lot of time researching through the fragmented files in Germany and has come up with a winner in my view, he also lists thec odes for small arms and medals etc .
Worth investing in a copy
Re:German Code book by Michael heidller

Thank you gentlemen for your replies.
i will be in touch with you FM shortly.

Just finished reading this superb book at the weekend.I enjoyed it that much i may just read it over again!
I have read many a book on this subject but nothing quite brings it home except for this one.
Some of the stories related are very similar to the series `Danger UXB`,i can see where the series producers got their info from.

recommended read..