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Unidentifiable WW2 20mm projectiles???


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Hello All,
I have quite a few of the readily available modern inert cannon rounds,but I'm sometimes a little dubious about WW2 projectiles that are unmarked and not heavy enough to be AP.I get offered such items from time to time in back street antique shops,any colour coding they may have had has long since vanished,and they have no unscrewable nosecap as with the modern versions first mentioned.

Do I have any cause for concern with such things?I haven't come across any reference to them yet,but I have a funny feeling that there were projectiles of an incendiary nature designed to function after impact with no need for fuzes as with HE types.I don't like to think that I could one day have something nasty festering away on the mantlepiece amongst my harmless Hispano and Oerlikon rounds.

Chris this is not a positive id of your rounds ,but only a rough Guideline and should only be used as such,due to the variety available
I only have these three different types but hopefully may be of help to you


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Unidentifiable 20 mm projectiles

Hello Spotter,the non tracer practice projectile that's shown in the centre looks to be hollow,that may well explain the noticeable weight difference
between these and solid AP versions.Perhaps it's safe to stoke the fire up on dark,stormy nights after all!!!

Many thanks Chris.