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Unidentified 240-mm casing


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The attached photos are of a possible 240-mm casing, except that the base is concave. The primer is approx 25 mm inset from the rim and the concave base is smooth - ie it was designed that way. Dimensions are mouth - 240mm; length - 148mm; rim diameter 257mm; construction is steel (magnetic); the fringe is brass as are the four straps holding the fringe to the casing.

It was in a crate containing mostly, but not all, German WW1 items. No markings of any description, painted or stamped. The nicks on the primer appear to be nicks and not markings,

Of course, it may not be a casing at all...

Any help appreciated.



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I have a 65mm Hotchkiss mountain Gun case with that primer, and I have seen it on French WW1 75mm Field Gun cases.