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Unidentified grenade


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Hello All, I acquired this some time ago and cannot find anything about it at all so I am hoping someone out there can help. Thanks in advance, Wooly


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Hello and welcome wooly.
Whats the grenade made from is it ceramic or is that just glossy paint,


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this is a first ww Turkish grenade as used at galipolli.
should be black or just bare metal finish so get rid of all that horrible green paint. It should have an inscription in Ottoman Turkish which roughly translates as "type 2 infantry grenade"
Hello and welcome wooly.
Whats the grenade made from is it ceramic or is that just glossy paint,

The grenade is made from cast iron (I think) and is came with the paint on it already.

Thanks for the info Paul about it being Turkish. There is an inscription on it which has been painted white. I will get to work on removing the paint and then leave it bare metal. Will post picture when it's done.

Thanks again all. It's great to be here.
Spot on there Paul, did you have three weetabix for breakfast this morning !:tinysmile_fatgrin_t it's good to see one of these grenades with a fuse or part of ? usually they are missing. I must have had mine the best part of thirty years, it was one of the first grenades I bought. Not quite sure exactly what metal they are made from, does'nt seem to rust so probably not cast iron. I have never seen one painted before, usually just bare metal. Tony.

I'm very happy : we have had one since a long time and we didn't identified it.

Now, I know what it is.



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here is one located in the small arms collection at Warminster, pay no attention to the date :)


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got to be honest here if i had seen that for sale i would have thought it was a cheap holiday souvenir salt shaker...thanks for showing it and the info