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unidentified Nordenfeldts


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I've had these two for some while and have not been able to possitively identify them other than they are Nordenfeldt by way of indenting andcase style and pobably therefore around 1900. The 47x140R with the black shell has no markings on the case and C N over 88 and R on the shell, no marks on the fuze.
The 37x126R has no markings whatsoever.
Both come fully apart and can be seen to be empty.

Anyone shed any light on them please.


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unidenifrd Nordenfeldts

Nice photos,Could you give the rim,base,case mouth & primer dia.
It's so good to see photos of odd items.
Thanks,:tinysmile_classes_t Frank, a new member but long time collector ,frist good item a 6Pdr A/t round in 1952

Still not put a gun to these rounds but here are some sizes. 37mm cal case length 126mm, neck is 39mm outside, base of case is 43mm, rim dia. is 47mm and cap 9mm across. for the 47mm sizes are case 140long, neck od 48mm, base 50mm rim 55mm and cap 7.5mm 2pr

I believe the correct designation for these calibre's are 1.5" (38mm) and 1.85" (47mm). The case lenghs I'm unsure about - could they be cut down?

The 37mm could be the case for thr Nordenfelt 1.5" volley gun, which is 126.4 long. but it is not bottle necked enough for positive ID. Could it be a strectched 11/2 pdr? 38mm Nordenfelt cases are usually 192 or 196 long. Copper plated projectile looks good for Nordenfelt, though this is the first one with a nose fuze I have seen.
In my measurements guide it says under "47 x 140R":

47mm M/34, France

Unfortunately it gives no rim diameter, and doesn't say whether it is a straight case or a necked case.


A few 1.5in Nords including a blank, I also have 2 variations of drill rnd for this gun.

No headstamps on any of the cases I have but have seen a "N" & have heard of others with more detailed headstamps.

Regards Ozzi.


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Very nice 1.5in rounds Ozziammo. As to my cases being cut down not likely as the indents line up with the crimping groove in both cases. I say they are Nordenfelt because thats what they look like from the design point of view but I could be wrong. Just put my vernier across the 37mm one and it is a larger diameter in front of the driving band than a 37mm 1pr shell. The French M34 is a necked case similar to the British / Japanese cases. 2pr
help with French

Just had a good look thru the CD on Maxim- Nordenfelt but my French is virtually non existant and the translators on the net are not ordnance orientated. I take it that poids de la charge is charge weight. lonueur is length and poids de la douille is case weight. If not please put me right to their meaning. Some specs dont list info on case but if charge weight is the same between guns then logic would indicate the same round is used if the projectile details are the same. thanks 2pr