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Unidentified Projectile


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Would someone know what type of projectile this is ?

Thank you,

Invest :)

Hi invest,

Just a helpful guide, when you post a question about 'What is it' could you please also include the following info if possible:-
Length with fuze:
Length without fuze:
Diameter of round: (just in front of the driving band)
No. of grooves in driving band: (if fired)
Markings on Fuze:
Markings on projectile:

Photo of the base
Photo of the fuze
o/a photo

With all these details then someone might be able to ID the projectile.
Good point, but as these pics were passed on to me, unfortunately I can't help with any of the details you mentioned :)
To me it looks like a 18lber streamlined round,,but as NZL1a1 says measurements would be a big help . i have a photo of one we found somewhere ,ill try find it later for you to compare,heres a drawing from the textbook of ammunition 1936

Heres the one we found ,identified as 18lber streamlined,this was a bursting smoke round ,hence the filler hole

I would have to agree with Spotter on this one, the driving band looks very similar in profile to that of a fired 18pdr. It's just very difficult to get an idea of size.