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Unidentified WWI Frag grenade, WhatIsIt?


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I collect Mainly Japanese WWII ordnance but I also have an interest in WWI era Inert grenades. I have these two. I got the one on ebay (when it was still permitted) , the other I picked up at a gun show ten years later. Both Grenades are exactly the same. They have the same hole in the bottom as the top. Very heavy and larger than a German Ball grenade. What do you think guys? Curious.

Jim JapaneseOrdnance(at)Yahoo.com


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I don't know what it is either, but would assume a sort of prototype with lack of threads and all. Strange you would end up with 2 of the same posers! P.S. You have some nice WW1 grenades pictured there..Dano
Unknown Grenade

I have this grenade in my collection also, and have examined three others of the same. All are without internal threads. I have been told that this is an early Turkish design but in all my years of collecting have not been able to confirm this. It is of an impressive size, and not similar in any way to any other grenade I have seen. Hopefully someday this mystery will be solved. Your two plus mine, plus one in a friends collection and the three others I have seen adds up to seven that I am aware of. All are identical..Patience........
unidentified grenades

Interesting, I like Turkish grenades. I think there's a Turkish model 2 (?) that is really interesting. IF I recall the Turkish first type is round, similar to a french ball grenade. I really like obscure and unusual WWI era grenades. The more archaic the better! Wood fuzes, crude castings, that "ancient" paint patina, dirty and dusty, I love it.................Jim

In the last picture, top row, grenade on the far right, I am told this is Italian WWI. It has a screw on cap with a hole in it for a wick style fuze. Just think, if you go into battle on a rainy day you can't use a grenade like this!
Early Turkish grenades used push fit type pyro fuzes similar to the one in the photo.


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