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Unknown .303 blank


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The colonial is back again.
I've got another question. (Can't wait when I get to the point I can actually answer some!!)
Here goes. Headstamp is "CAC/59/7"
Berdan primer
Plain case mouth
POSSIBLY blackened at some stage
Mouth sealed with waxy substance(possibly beeswax:rolleyes:) that is raised slightly above the mouth of the cartridge.

The problem is that any blanks in Identification Manual on the .303 Britsh Service Cartridge:No. 2 Blank ammunition that match the features were all obsolete before '59.

Any thoughts?
Hi Falcon,
tha Mk III open necked Grenade blank was in production from 1920 to 1960 in England,so maybe NZ did the same? TonyE's book deals with later headstamps,worth getting a copy
Cheers Tony

It sounds like the H2 Grenade blank which had the body blackened. By the date of the one you have they were only being used for line throwing in the Navy.

I do not know if CAC were making them still for the NZ navy, but Kynoch in the UK were still making them into the 1960s. The LE line throwing rifles were eventually replaced by L1A1 rifles in the Royal Navy and the L1A2 grenade blank used.

As the demand is relatively small, it would not surprise me if they used ball cases to make the blanks.

I think I have a packet label somewhere and will post it if I can find it.


Yes they did, but sometimes local production practices varied.

These are just suggestions. It is often hard to identify rounds, especially blanks, even when one has them in the hand, let alone without a photograph.

Have you talked to any other NZ collectors who might be more familiar with any odd rounds that CAC might have made.