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Unknown Anti-RIOT


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Who knows more about this specimen? Thank you in advance for your replies.


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I have an x-ray of one somewhere and my partner has one on his shelf in his office.

It is a US manufactured civilian multi-purpose chemical irritant grenade that can be hand launched or thrown due to the multiple settings on the fuze.

Thank you very much for your answer. I'm interested in additional information concerning it: how it was used, when it was manufactured, drawings etc. You said it was for civilian use; who used it? Thanks!!!
Here is what I have:

The grenade was manufactured by AAI Corp. of Cockeysville MD.

Labeled as the Soft Delivery Multi-Purpose Grenade MPG-100 (CN Tear Gas), it has a multi-option fuze with 3 delivery methods.

1. Hand held - Using the 2 second fuze option, point the bottom of the grenade toward the target, pull the pin and release the spoon.

2. Thrown - Using the 2 second fuze option, pull the pin and release the spoon and throw towards the target.

3. Shotgun Launch - Using the 5 second fuze option, place the grenade bottom down into the AAI L100 or L110 launcher ensuring the handle is inside the launcher cup. Pull the pin and launch using an AAI model C100 blank cartridge.

We have a guy in the office that used to deal with AAI alot and may have more info. When he comes back I will see if he has it and can provide it so I can post it up.

Thanks! I'm very curious in receiving of further information, drawings, that X-ray picture.:nerd:
I have attached scans of the box these are issued in, might answer a couple of questions.


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These were used by police over here. When I first got on SWAT in 1987, we still had these in inventory. I'll check and see if I have any other info on them. AAI was at one time a division of Olin which also owned Winchester at one time. AAI produced a number of different products for the US military and police. I don't know if I still do, but at one time, I had a launcher that fitted onto the end of a 12 ga. shotgun for it.
Here are (4) Scans from an AAI Law Enforcement Catalog Dated 1981, relating to this grenade and 12 gauge shotgun launching accessories

1 of 4 ........

I had one of these go off in my hand. It was given to me by a swat friend of mine. I asked what the numbers mean on the top and he said" I don't know. It was then that it went off. I should of seen the bright shiny metal spoon was gone when he handed it to me. I nearly jumped out of boots. But I learned more than LC's of various chemicals back then; I learned not to trust my fellow SWAT members in school.