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Unknown Clusterbomb???


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Hello, can somebody tell me what this is. thanks


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Hello Ben ,in what sort of area was this recovered is it WW2 or a post war area
I don't think that it is packing,more like a smoke pot or something.
The bomb whas green with one red ring around the nose i don't know any more if it whas a 250 or 500 Lb.
There are 3 layers around a center tube.
Look at the two holes at the side.


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have a read of this
"An igniter tube with four series of perforations extends down the center axis of the bomb and contains a celluloid tube holding a primed cambric tube . The igniter tube is held in place by the igniter-tube holder, located in the center of the tail plate . The remainder of the bomb body is filled with three banks of smoke generators,each bank consisting of eight wedge -shaped units fitted with drag plates"


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Hey Spotter, thats the one, i have the bomb complete with all the insides, many many thanks Spotter, also Madbonber many thanks for all the work.
This is a US E -14 experimental biological bomblet. It was to replace the flettner rotor. Era 1968-69, but was further tested after the bio programs ended, as a possible incapacitating agent carrier. Never got very far in test though.
The sub is actually called the "Rotor triangular". It had several designs, but all basically the same. The E-14 designation was what the folder title was, when I found this sub during research into other bomblets. Also the date of design was in the late 50's, I was wrong about the 68=69 time frame for this design.