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unknown dug object


Hello dear collectors,

I dug this object in the Luxembourg Ardennes.
It was already out of the ground and was left there...
I do not know what it is - it is identical on both extremities,
length is approx. 25cm - diameter is approx. 75mm

Thanks a lot in advance for any information !

Kind regards,



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In picture one I can positively Id that in the top right hand corner there is a hand and the big green thing at the bottom of the picture is part of a tree.
And on picture 2 I can also positively Id that in the top right hand corner there Is a foot wearing what looks like a trainer and at the bottom it apears to be the same bit of tree as In picture 1 hope that helps you out cheers :hahaha: :top:

From bazooka chris
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From the initial look it seems like a german incendiary but with no dia it may not be. The feature I saw was the two holes in the end.

I agree with chris it 100% a hand,foot and a tree ! :laugh:
as for you question it looks to me like a incendury otherwise known as a fire bomb fritz ! as shown with the holes in the bottom like that as there were 7 different types of these ! 2 types shown in picture...


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Hi to all,

thanks a lot for your actual comments on my unknown item.
Unfortunately it cannot be an incendiary bomb like pictured as
both sides bear these 2 holes.
It is completely symetric and cylindric in shape.

Thanks so far - have a nice Sunday !

is it very heavy for its size?
could be some kind of battery maybe?

It is rather light for its size but not hollow.
However it is not heavy enough to be full-metal !
A battery of some kind sounds plausible !

Thanks for the hint !

cant you xray it?
and isnt there some chemical reaction with the case?
maybe this suggests acid leak from battery maybe?
If you have access to xray that would be good.