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Unknown Fuze for Toffee Apple Mortar

paul the grenade

Well-Known Member
Ive been given this relic fuze to fit my Toffee Apple Mortar but dont know how it works.
The conical body has 3 flat areas for a spanner and had a rusty piece of spring metal in the base which seems to be for holding something (to the right of fuze)
The cap has a dried orange rubber washer inside but doesn't seem to have any way of fixing to the fuze. there are two holes in the sides of the cap. inside the top of the fuze is a dividing wall with a hole in it.
Any Ideas??? :S :S :S Paul.
hi Paul, looks to me like a No. 107 fuze for a 6 inch Newton bomb, basically a means of holding a .303 blank cartridge as the 'working element'. It should be threaded though to screw onto the front of the bomb - was this originally cut off from a live bomb I wonder? Dave
OK Paul, this is I believe, the Mk2, the Mk 1 being shorter in length but otherwise similar. Dave
I would like to rectify a small error concerning the mortar fuze Toffee apple it is about N110 instead of N107


Both use a 303 as detonator.
On the other hand I join you a pic of a N110 I would like to have details of the difference between Mk1 and Mk 2



Au revoir
Jean Paul