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Unknown Fuze

Hello Madbomber,

All I can tell you at the moment that the same text in the Russian language is on the other site of the fuze.
I have been told that it's probaly used for making Fox-Holes.

And the combination of th German and Russian language can it be former DDR?????

Hi Chris,

I whas thinking something for a sea marker or for a airplane because of the colors.
It from 7/83 so DDR.

Thanks for looking.
DDR fuze

Just heared that the fuze is for a line thrower. It was made by a company called VEB Silberhutte former East Germany.
It contains a 9.5 mm cartridge and a squib.
Made from 1961 to 1981.
Still would like to see a drawing.


This would be an interesting item to find out more about. Anyone have anymore on this.