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Unknown German bomb and ?


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I've got two WWII German items that I am trying to identify. Both were found in Germany, near locations where CW was previously recovered. The 50kg bomb has similarities to variations of KC 50 II Bu (Blauring II) bombs that I have photographed, but matches none of them. The KC 50s were basically modifications of the different NC 50 Nebel bombs, but normally with numerous vent holes more apparent than on most of the NCs I've seen.

The smaller piece has me puzzled. No obvious means of delivery, but not right for a submunition. Not found near a port area or I'd think naval signal or marker. Does anyone have any references for either one?


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That KC is a lovely item mate,nice one!

Are you sure the smaller one is German? There is something not quite right as to me,it doesnt have that typical German weapons look about it?
Are there any waff stamps or lot number markings?


No, I'm not sure. But found by a German recovery crew on German soil. I'm sure that there are plenty of other possibilities, but I don't recognise it as anyone elses and its the only lead I've got.
Hi Jeff,

Did the 50 kg have a fuze pocket???
Have seen something like this befor but can think of it where it whas.
Can you PM me on the Location where it whas found???
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