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Unknown Grenade casting?


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I have a casting that looks like it could be a grenade body. Has anyone seen one of these before? It was bare cast iron and rusty when I got it, so I brushed it down and gave it a flat black paint finnish. It is marked S in a circle and 41 near the small hole, on the bottom? It is also marked 15 in the large hole. It has latitudinal rings on the inside and longitudinal grooves on the outside. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Unknown grenade 004.jpg

Unknown grenade 005.jpg

Unknown grenade 003.jpg

Unknown grenade 001.jpg

Its looks like a BLU-24 Submunition.
Hope this helps.


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Yes it does

Is it part of a cluster bomb or artillery delivered? US or Nato? Thanks again:tinysmile_twink_t:

It's culsterbomb and from the US.


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Yes, this is the body from a blu 24/c cluster bomb. but the vietnamese did reuse these as improvised grenades. Ive seen a pic of one with a stick handle. There is another with a smooth body the blu 24 and 24/b
Cheers, Paul.