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unknown mg mag


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Hi All,

Now this really is not my field. I came across this the other day, and cant for the life of me find out what it is. Caliber approx 9mm, its a double banked mag. I was thinking poss German, but im really not sure.

Well its over to you now.

Best regards,



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This is 50 round magazine for Finnish Suomi SMG, depending on markings either of Finnish or Swedish make.
Hi Mate,

There are no markings i can find im afraid. But thank you very much for the id. It came in with some G3 mags,now i know. Thanks a lot again.

Best regards,

suomi mg mag

Hi again mate,

Just had a brief look on the web on this mg.Looks like quite an unusual beast. Im gathering these are quite scarce?

All the best,

Sorry to say, but thos mags is common in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Danmark wher thos wepons where used. A mag usalu goes fo 10