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Unknown No69 grenade?


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Does anyone have any details on the No69 Bakelite grenade shown in the picture?
This came from the 1941 NZ Pamphlet.

Look at the safetycap on this type (number 6).
I have never seen this model before and would like to know some more about it.
Who knows? Who has? and why don't I have one?

Hey there Spotter.
No never got an answer on this variation.
Got some nice pics on the 247 green and red painted fuzes.
Will post it on the proper location.

Cheers, Lex
I have the manual that this pic comes from, it is a supplement to an earlier one. The only thing I can think of is that this cap on the grenade is from a very early production and was later modified.
The red top on No 247 fuses denotes a very short arming tape specially for the No 82 Gammon grenade. Drill fuses have a white top to the cap. Green top caps were for a different type of detonator, and may have also been used on the No 79 non WP smoke grenade (see my earlier post on these) I have documents with details, and will have to find them and get back asap. Tony.
Hi Tony,

I got a doc here that says that the green cap is for the No79 (only?).
The base had a piece of safetyfuze fitted in the flash hole, unlike all others.
Sounds familiar?

Hi Lex, Yes that sounds about right. Because of the design of this grenade, it would probably have a different det as well. I also think that the safety tape is also a different length too, but I do not have the gren handy to measure it. I am sure that I have three different length tapes on various grenades in my collection. Tony.
Normal length tape = 11.5 inches
No. 82 (red cap) 4 inches but later manufacture returned to 11.5". The 4" having been found too dangerous.
No 79 (green cap) signifies use of detonating compsition 'B'

Tim. G.