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Unknown primer,anyone ID it please?



I've had this primer in my spares box for a while,but haven't a clue what it's from.

Does anyone know please?
The text on it reads, E No 1
C 01 BOF 71

The style of primer with the three spanner holes looks like a Russian primer except for the writing, would I be right in saying it is also an electric primer?
It is possible that it is a Bofors primer as the BOF would signify but appearing to be electric makes it unusual.
Sorry I cannot be of any more help.
Hi Andy, I don't know much about primers and shells, but I would agree with Chris 42 RQ. E No 1 being electric type 1, BOF being Bofors, 71 being the date etc.
It may be a coincidence, but I have a grenade somewhere with C 01 on it which I think is the manufacturer and it is definitely South African. Hope this may be some help, Tony.
Thanks very much Chris and Tony!

I'd try it in one of my Bofors cases that has the large type primer,but they're a bugger (nearly impossible!) to remove!