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Unknown projectile or armourers tool?


Hi all,
Please see attached photos of my latest finds. Are they a Armourers tool,
50 cal projectile, AP core from a projectile, or something else?
They measure .4985 - .4990" in diameter, & 1.920" long. Not magnetic, heavy for their size but not made out of lead, possibly Stainless steel? They are threaded in the base with what looks like a 1/4" UNC or BSW thread.
The scale came off fairly easy with a bit of steel wool & water.
No markings at all, apart from what looks like scratches running down the sides from impact with something?
Definately WW2 era, judging from where they were found.


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Curious !

I am rather puzzled by the fact that you state they are "non magnetic" and rather heavy-yet they appear to have been rusted before you cleaned them up ?

Tungsten in general will not rust so I wonder what material they are made from ?
What is the typical weight of one of those "Cores" if indeed that is what they are.
Are they hardened ?
Chris it could be rust from whatever they were contained in - I've seen a few tungsten cores that have rust residue on them.....that comes off easily with a bit of sandpaper without damaging the core.
I found this item some time ago....similar in shape and caliber, but magnetic
best regards


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Hi, They were not rusted as such, as there seems to be no break down of the parent metal. The scale seems to be just an accumulation of dirt & grime.
Going by my trouble & strifes kitchen scales, each weigh 85-90 grams or 3.2 oz.
I will try to get a more accurate measurement asap.
I gave on a bit of a touch up with a metal file. The metal is definately hard, producing very fine filings.